Kara Wallace, M.D.

Family Medicine

Our office offers a friendly, family-like atmosphere.  We enjoy seeing the many faces of patients that have been a valued part of our practice in addition to welcoming new patients and families.


It is our mission to promote excellence in health care, the prevention of disease, and the health of the citizens of Huntsville and its surrounding communities. As family medicine practitioners, we are trained to take care of the entire person, regardless of age.  Our goal is to help you and your family stay active and healthy throughout your lives.  In addition to managing your chronic medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and other diseases, we are also happy to help you manage your day-to-day illnesses and injuries.


Please check back for updates.

We love being part of the Huntsville community and look forward to offering you the care you need to live a healthy, long life.  If you have any questions about the services we offer, please contact us to ask.



Dr. Wallace began practicing medicine in Huntsville in 2000, and began her private practice in August of 2001, when she joined Dr. William English. After Dr. English retired in 2005, Dr. Wallace continued caring for her patients, in addition to many of those previously cared for by Dr. English.

In 2008, our office relocated to Lowe Avenue, where we stayed until 2015. Now in the First Commercial Bank building on Whitesburg Drive, we are more conveniently located away from the Medical District. Our team has also benefited from the addition of two experienced (and much loved) nurse practitioners, Courtenay Simmons and Anna Adams

Office Policies

    Insurance Participation



    We are happy to welcome new patients! At this time, however, our relationship with  United Health Care, Cigna, Humana, and a few other insurance networks is limited to existing patients only. If you have any questions about your insurance, please refer to the list below or contact us to ask. 

    To verify our physicians' participation with your insurance carrier, you may visit your insurance provider's website or call the telephone number on the back of your insurance card.

    We participate in many managed care plans and see patients with traditional insurance. Below is a list of plans we are currently accepting new patients under.

    • BCBS of Alabama
    • Aetna

    Many plans require that you make a co-payment at the time of your visit. To make it as easy as possible for you, we accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards at our office.

    Please bring your insurance card with you for each visit and notify our front desk prior to seeing the practitioner or lab anytime your insurance coverage changes.

    If you have other insurance feel free to contact our office to verify participation.

    Communication and Appointments

    Getting in touch with us:

    Please call us at 256-533-5211 or log-in to our patient portal if you have any questions, need a prescription refill, or need to schedule an appointment. There is a message service and an on-call physician available for non-emergency, after-hours calls that require a physician response. In cases of emergency, please call 9-1-1 or go to the closest emergency room.

    Missed Appointments: 

    Depending on how our patients choose to be contacted, appointment reminders are sent via phone, text, or email and can be verified through the patient portal.  If you would like to cancel your appointment online, you must do so through your secure patient portal account no less than 48 hours prior to appointment time.  Otherwise, please contact our office 24 hours prior to your scheduled visit to cancel.

    Labwork and Results

    Bloodwork / Lab Appointments:

    In order to provide you with proper care, all lab work is to be ordered by the practitioner.  There may be times when the practitioner feels it is in the best interest of the patient to schedule a return appointment to review these lab results.

    Test Results:

    Please allow 5-7 days for test results. We will contact you through the patient portal (you may receive an email or automated phone message), by mail, or by phone.  At times, appointments may be required by the practitioner to review these results with you.

    Third Party Forms

    We realize that special forms are sometimes necessary to provide documentation of medical conditions.  Completing forms is time consuming and generally falls outside the contractual relationship between you and your insurance company.  All forms requested without an appointment will need to be reviewed by the office to determine if an appointment is necessary.  Please drop them by the office with a phone number so we can contact you when a determination is made.  Fees for these types of forms will vary according to the complexity of the paper work.

    FMLA papers:

    ALL FMLA papers require an appointment with one of our practitioners.  Fees for completion of FMLA papers will vary according to the complexity of the case.

    Blue Forms for School:

    Blue cards needed for school may also require an appointment with the practitioner.

    Work/School Excuse:

    Please notify your practitioner at the time of your visit if you will require an excuse.

    Payment / Financial

    Payment is due at the time of service.  We accept Cash, Check, Money Order and Credit / Debit Card payments.

    Insurance Coverage:

    Please keep in mind that your insurance policy is basically a contract between you and your insurance company.  We have made prior arrangements with many insurance companies and other health plans to accept an assignment of benefits. We will bill them, and you are required to pay all co-payments, deductibles and non-covered services at the time of your visit.

    Please review our Insurance Participation section to see what insurance we accept.

    Non-covered services:

    Not all insurance plans cover all services. In the event your insurance plan determines a service to be "not covered," you will be responsible for the complete charge.  We will try and inform you prior to your visit if we believe a service may not be covered, but as all policies are different, this may not always be possible.  Health plan coverage varies significantly by carrier, by employer, and/or by contract.  We cannot know the benefits and exclusions of each patient's health plan.  It is the patient's responsibility to know and understand their plan coverage and benefits.  All questions regarding your policy benefits should be directed to your insurance carrier. 

    Nurse Practitioner Visits:

    Many insurance companies do not cover visits with the Nurse Practitioner.  If you are seeing the Nurse Practitioner please contact your insurance carrier prior to your appointment to avoid any unexpected expenses.  Do not assume your visit is covered unless your carrier confirms these visits are a covered benefit.

    Prescription Refills

    Prescription Refill Policy FORM

    1. Before you come to your regular appointment, you should look over your medications, diabetes supplies, inhalers, etc. to determine if you need to request any new / refill of prescriptions at your appointment.
    2. We do require office visits on a regular basis for all of our patients taking prescription medication. The interval will vary depending on the condition being treated and the type of medication prescribed. Please be sure you have enough medication to last until your next scheduled visit.
    3. It is very important to request your prescriptions during your office visit. Please bring all your prescriptionbottles (or an updated medicationlist) with you to your appointment. This is important to make sure that:
      a) you are taking the correct medications and the correct doses; and b) we have an up-to-date list of yourmedications. We will carefully review your medications and write refills at your office visit. We will also ask
      you to review the new prescriptions to make sure that they are written correctly.
    4. As part of our new policy, we will offer the following options for prescription refills:
      1. We can electronically transmit your
      2. prescription to your pharmacy
      3. We can provide written prescription.
      4. We can call in certain medications to your requested pharmacy
      5. We can provide you with a written prescription for you to fax-in to a mail-order pharmacy.
    5. We do not accept faxed prescription requests from pharmacies.
    6. Our policy is to call in appropriate requests for prescription refills within 2 business days (not including weekends and holidays). We will have written prescriptions available within 3 business days. Please check with your pharmacy before calling our office to check on your prescription.
    7. Please notify our staff if your request is urgent or if you are out of medication.
    8. If  you  call  to  request  a  refill  but  are  overdue  for  a  follow-up  visit  and/or  blood  work  (necessary  formonitoring  the  safety  or  effectiveness  of  a  medication),  the  provider  may  agree  to  call  in  enough medication to a local pharmacy to last until we are able to schedule an office visit. There is a $10 fee per prescription  for  this  service. It  is  your  responsibility  to  schedule  an  appointment  before  you  run  out  of medication. You should schedule your next visit before you leave our office.

    We understand that there might be a situation when you do have to call us for a prescription. Please look at the list below and see what you can do to avoid incurring a prescription refill fee.

    • Are you changing to a new local pharmacy? You should call your new pharmacy and request that your prescriptions be transferred from your old pharmacy. We sometimes do not have to write new prescriptions.
    • Are you going on an extended vacation and need to use an out-of-town pharmacy? You need to call the NEW pharmacy that you will be using and have them contact your hometown pharmacy to have your prescriptions transferred. When you return home, you have to reverse the process.
    • Are you changing to a new mail order pharmacy? Some pharmacies will transfer your prescriptions to the new pharmacy. If you still have refills on your current prescriptions, please check with your current mail order pharmacy to see if your prescriptions can be transferred.



    Every request for a refill requires the following steps: 

    1. Phone message transcribed or fax printed
    2. Phone message or fax is brought to medical record
    3. Patient's chart is pulled from medical records and verified
    4. Request is attached to chart
    5. Chart is brought to nurse
    6. Nurse reviews chart for pertinent information
      1. Verifies chart and request
      2. Is medication a controlled substance
      3. When were last labs done?
      4. When was patient last seen?
    7. Chart brought to doctor
    8. Doctor reviews chart
      1. Verifies chart and request
      2. Reviews patient's labs and medical history
      3. Does medication itself require labs or levels to be checked
      4. Does medication have risk for dependency or abuse
      5. Is medication scheduled (use and distribution restricted)
      6. Is there a risk for interaction with other medications
      7. Does medication have new FDA guidelines or recommendations
      8. Does the benefit of continuing medications outweigh risks
    9. Doctor makes decisions about whether or not to fill prescription request and whether or not to give subsequent refills
      1. Does patient need follow-up appointment?
    10. Doctor documents decision in chart
    11. Doctor writes prescription
    12. Chart returned to nurse
    13. Nurse calls or faxes in prescription
    14. Nurse documents prescription and pharmacy in chart
    15. Chart returned to medical records.


Patient Forms

    Not yet a patient? Start here.

    UpdoxIf you are interested in becoming a patient of our office, we would love to see you!  After visiting our insurance participation page to see if we accept your insurance, please visit our secure New Patient Questionnaire form at our Updox portal and complete the form to get the process started.  Once this is completed and you are scheduled, we will need the following "New Patient" forms completed.

    New Patient Forms

    All new patients who have already scheduled an appointment, please print and complete the following forms and bring them to your first appointment. Otherwise, you can arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment so we may give you the forms to complete in our office:

    Obtaining Medical Records

    • Incoming Patients: Please mail this form to your previous physician to have your medical records forwarded to our office.

    • Outgoing Patients: If you are relocating and need your medical records transferred from our office to another physician, please complete this form and mail to our office.  We will forward your records to your new practitioner.

    Privacy/Information Release

    • We are unable to release any information regarding healthcare, appointments, billing or insurance information to your spouse, parent, family members, significant others or friends without written authorization from the patient. 
    • If you would like us to speak to anyone other than yourself regarding any of these issues, please print the medical release to family member form and return it to our office. 
    • Patients over the age of 14 years must sign for themselves.

    Wellness Health History

    When our Medicare patients schedule your wellness exam, please fill out the Wellness Health History form and bring it with you to your wellness check.  Otherwise, please arrive in time to fill it out in our office before your appointment.

    Living Will / Advance Directive

    An advance directive is a written instruction that you make while you are mentally competent that states how you want your health care decisions to be made if you become incapacitated or cannot express your wishes. Advance directives guide your physician and other health care professionals, and relieve your family from the burden of guessing what types of care and treatment you would want to receive.  

    The Alabama Hospital Association makes a standard Living Will/Advance Directive form available online.  You can download it here.

    After you complete the form?

    Make a copy of the completed and signed form and give it to the person you have appointed to make decisions on your behalf (family, friends, or health care provider) so the form is available in the event of an emergency.

    And what about After-After?

    In the theme of advance planning, we like to remind everyone that preparing for your family's well being in the event of your death doesn't just mean buying funeral plots and life insurance. One inexpensive alternative to planning a traditional funeral or cremation-- one that offers numerous benefits to the education of future generations (of those entering the medical profession and those who rely on medical professionals) is body donation.  To learn more about becoming an anatomical donor, visit the UAB School of Medicine website.

    Patient Survey

    We're sure you have an opinion about your experience with us, and that opinion helps us to know how we are doing as your healthcare provider.  Please tell us what you think by downloading our Patient Survey and then mail or fax it back to our office.

New Patients

It is useful for us to understand a bit more about your health history to know how best to help you. Please complete our New Patient Questionnaire to help us get to know you, and we can be on our way to your first appointment!

Existing Patients

Log into our Patient Portal to make appointments, send us secure messages, or check on updates to your records.

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