We Have Upgraded Our Patient Portal

We Have Upgraded Our Patient Portal

In an effort to continually improve our patient services, we are changing our ​Electronic Medical Records to AthenaHealth. AthenaHealth will provide portal services to our patients that o​ffer​ easier navigation, scheduling improvements, and makes important information more accessible to our patients.

What This Means for Patients

  1. Where patients once accessed "UpDox" to schedule appointments, view lab results, or read secure messages, patients will now be accessing the same (and more) features and information through "​Athena​Health." The Patient Portal links from our website (drkarawallace.com) will be set to the new portal link, and any print or email correspondence will reflect the new Portal Address.
  2. We will be sending patients a link and new credentials to log into our new AthenaHealth Patient Portal within the next few ​weeks. You will have the opportunity to change your credentials and modify your patient information once you have access to the new portal.
  3. Because of the size and scope of the move, ​you will not be able to access us via the existing Portal as we make the change. We apologize in advance for any hiccups or annoyances. If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment prior to receiving information to access the new Patient Portal, please call us at 256.533.5211.

Thank you for trusting us with your healthcare needs and for your patience as we make this improvement.

-Dr Kara Wallace, Practitioners, and Staff

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