RX Prior-Authorization

Beginning January 1, 2012, there will be a $25 administration fee for all prescription prior-authorizations.

Prior-authorization is a requirement of your insurance carrier in order for your insurance to pay for the medication prescribed by your health care provider.  

Completion of the authorization form does not guarantee your insurance carrier will pay for the medication.  If the authorization is granted, your prescription will be filled.  If authorization is not granted you will have two (2) choices; (a) You may still have the prescription filled by paying the entire cost of the medication yourself, or; (b) You may schedule an appointment to discuss an alternate drug covered by your carrier, if available. - Note; you will need to provide a list of covered medications from your insurance carrier.

We regret that your insurance carrier is making such fees necessary but the process involved in completing these authorization forms is very demanding and time consuming for the practitioners and their staff.


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